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Splatter News produces quality professional website videos, infomercials and advertisements at affordable rates.

Make your business website really stand out from your competitors. Boost your client engagement with video created by us to enhance your web presence.

When it comes to communicating ideas there is nothing more powerful than video. This is the most powerful medium available.

Video is known as rich media content and has the power to boost customer engagement. Video shows how a product or service works so that your future customer is fully informed and excited about your product or service.

Video is better than a lengthy manual, it attracts new customers, announces a new product or service, it builds your search results, it taps into the power of You Tube and promotes your product or service all in just one affordable package.

We also video those very special moments in your life such as Weddings, Bar Mitzvah and Anniversaries, so those magical moments are captured forever.

For a no obligation quote please fill out the form on the our services page.

Call 07977 192154 or email splatternews@gmail.com

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